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NB! Kõik EDO võistlused vastavalt  IDO REEGLITELE
NB!  All  EDO competitions  by   IDO  DANCESPORT RULES !
A competitor’s age division is determined by his or her year of birth as it falls within the calendar year of the competition.
For Duos or Couples, the oldest partner’s date of birth determines the age division. A partner no more than 2 years younger than the lower age limit may dance in an older division, but the age span cannot exceed 2 years.
Example:  One dancer is 11 and one is 13, they may dance in the Junior 1 Division, but if the younger dancer is only 10 they may not. 
One dancer is 13 and one is 15, they may dance in the Junior 2 Division, but if the younger dancer is only 12 they may not.



Стартовые взносы  EDO
1. Годовой взнос клуба EDO:                            50 EUR   срок оплаты 30.10.2020
2. Персональный годовой взнос члена EDO:  15 EUR   срок оплаты 30.10.2020
3. Стартовые взносы членов EDO:                   10 EUR  
4. Участники, не являющиеся членом EDO (oдна дисциплина) - 15 EUR
   15 EUR - HIP-HOP / solo, duo, group, formation /
   15 EUR - DISCO DANCE / solo, duo, group, formation /
   15 EUR - STREET DANCE / group, formation /
   15 EUR - SHOW DANCE / solo, duo, group, formation /
   15 EUR - JAZZ DANCE / solo, duo, group, formation /
   15 EUR - SYNCRO DANCE / group, formation /
NB! not EDO member can participate ONLY in OPEN class.
Example: 1 dancer participate in HIP-HOP (15 eur) + SHOW DANCE (15 eur) = 30 EUR  start fee