• These guidelines are provided to ensure a smooth check-in and running of the entire competition.
  • Competing member nations should copy and give this guideline to all Team Captains representing their country at IDO events.
  • For every IDO event, all participating countries shall appoint an IDO TEAM CAPTAIN who should be informed by the national secretariat about the competition and the team and be knowledgeable about IDO events.
  • The federation will inform the IDO Supervisor and Organizer, the name of the IDO TEAM CAPTAIN, their email address and mobile phone number, along with their arrival time and the expected time they will take care of the check-in. This should be done directly to both parties via email.
The IDO TEAM CAPTAIN’s duties are outlined following this guideline:  
1. They must speak English and if not they are required to have an interpreter with them who can speak and read English fluently.
2. They will receive the EXCEL MASTER SHEET with all dancers enrolled from the country’s federation before leaving the country.
3. To receive all information necessary from the national secretariat regarding this EXCEL MASTER SHEET.
4. To check the enrolment and start lists of the Organizer.
5. To enroll the dancers at the event, cancel the missing ones, add changes, late entries (if the Organizer accepts them).
6. To check the updated official lists together with the IDO and the Organizer.
7. To collect all start numbers, accreditations, banderols (wrist bands), and tickets for the dancers from the Organizer at Check-in. To inform Organizer about the time of arrival of separate groups (especially in case of accommodation ordered and organized by Organizer).To provide Organizer (if needed) with contact information /mobile of every participating group of competitors from his/her country in the event.
8. To collect the “free passes” for the bus drivers, choreographers, etc, at Check-in.
9. To hand over the music to the Check-in or DJ, when requested, to help with arrangements for rehearsals (fill in the list of rehearsals for his competitors if asked by the Organizer to do so).
10. To pay the IDO lifetime registration and the annual license fees for IDO, plus the start fees to the Organizer (this money should have been collected before or transferred by the bank, but the TEAM CAPTAIN should know about it). In case of bank transfer, he/she must have a copy of bank transfer.
11. To check the lists of qualified dancers for the next rounds and be sure the dancers are prepared.
12. To inform Check-in about possible changes, cancellations (in case of illness, injury during competition).
13. To collect the diplomas and music of the dancers not qualified to the next round.
14. To be available when something happens and her/his teams' members have to be informed about a re-dance, a time change, a “whatever” and especially about possible problems because of warnings or even disqualify cations.
15. To contact the IDO Supervisor and/or the Organizer if there are problems with her/his dancers, or because of any other problems.
16. To file a complaint or, better still, solve the problem together with the IDO Supervisor.
17. To help if one of the dancers is injured and needs medical treatment
18. To observe the time schedule and inform the dancers about any changes.
19. To be available by mobile at any time during the competition.
20. To fill in competition and place of that IDO event into the dancers IDO License Books and stamp them (you may get the stamp from the Organizer).
21. An IDO TEAM CAPTAIN can be:
• The national IDO representative of your country, 
• A choreographer, teacher, studio owner, etc of one team taking care of all dancers of your country,
• A parent taking care of all dancers of your country,
• An older dancer taking care of all dancers of your country,  
• Someone else of your delegation taking care of all dancers of your country.
22. Just to be a nice and competent Team Captain!


Team Captain appointed by the National Federation by email before the event to the Organizer and Supervisor will get one free pass to be able to get to the dressing rooms, dance floor, and necessary rooms to assist the dancers.
If not appointed by email before she/he will use one of the free passes of the country. 
Here are some additional useful hints:  
• Upon arrival collect passports and put in hotel safe with return tickets, just before departure hand back to people as soon as any outstanding charges at the hotel have been covered. (example: telephone charges, mini-bar, etc)
• Submit rooming list for “your” Country (includes arrival and departure info)
• Collect Team Health Forms (have at the competition) in case of any injuries and having to go to the hospital this form includes their allergies, insurance coverage as well as any medications or health history the treating doctor should be aware of.
• Liability Release: Some countries have a form drafted by a lawyer that all parents must sign. Releasing their country, choreographers, IDO, National Dance Org., Championship Organizers and Venue of any Liability in regards with the team attending any IDO Event.