• 1. All Teachers, Trainers, Coaches, and Choreographers, hereinafter called Educators, will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times when attending an IDO event. They must always act dignified and must display good sportsmanlike behavior.
  • 2. Educators must always respect their fellow Educators and will refrain from making derogatory or inflammatory statements against both fellow Educators and Competitors.
  • 3. An Educator has the right to question the result of any event, but this must be done in private with the Organizer, Supervisor or Chairman of Judges. Once a decision has been reached, the Educator must accept that decision without fuss. Any further inquiries about such decision must be submitted, in writing, to the Disciplinary Committee for review.
  • 4. Educators may not, under any circumstance, bribe, threaten, harass or otherwise intimidate an Organizer or IDO official. Doing so may result in immediate expulsion from the event and possible further penalty from the Disciplinary Committee.
  • 5. Educators must never approach a Judge directly with questions on how or why they marked in the manner they did, nor may they ask what criteria an Adjudicator uses in evaluating competitors.
  • 6. Choreographers and dancers who use material, choreography or routines created by other IDO competitors, if found guilty, by viewing tapes, will be prosecuted to the full extent of the Disciplinary Committee and are subject to losing the right to participate in IDO events for life. 
  • 7. It is illegal to copy or to make Videotapes of IDO events and to sell them without explicit written permission from the Organizer and the IDO. Any infringement of this rule may result in legal prosecution, including member federations or individuals.
  • 8. When a competition is held on a non-raised surface (sports hall), only ONE coach may sit on the floor in front of the Formation or Production. 
  • 9. Coaching, directing or otherwise motivating dancers by their coaches or assistants during a performance is strictly prohibited and may result in the disqualification of the dancers. This rule applies to all IDO disciplines


  • 1. Educators must make sure that all competitors competing in IDO events have read, and are fully aware of, the Code of Conduct for competitors contained within this IDO Rule Book.
  • 2. Educators must ensure that their dancers are well behaved both at the competition site and at other establishments, such as the hotel and restaurants.
  • 3. Educators must ensure that their dancers are respectful to other competitors and that they do not distract fellow performers by warming u in the wings or in the auditorium or hall where the competition is taking place.
  • 4. Educators must ensure that their dancers are ready to perform at the appointed time.
  • 5. Educators must ensure that their dancers remain in or around the competition site until the next round is posted and there is no chance of a re-dance
  • 6. Educators of final-round competitors must ensure that their dancers are present for the awards ceremony and that they accept their placement graciously and in a dignified manner.
  • 7. Educators should be aware of the time schedule and have their dancers ready to perform at least one (1) hour before the scheduled time.
  • 8. Educators must do their best to ensure that their dancers keep the dressing rooms, toilets and backstage area clean, and that rubbish is discarded in the proper receptacles.