1.12 LIGHT Dance Show (TEST competitions will be run)

The categories in Light Dance Show are: Solo Male, Solo Female, Duo, Group, Formation.

А. Light Dance Show in the broadest sense is based on any dance technique. All IDO dance disciplines can be incorporated. Ballroom, Latin or Rock ’n’ Roll are excluded and cannot be performed. Light Dance Show allows the use of lifts (except Children), acrobatics, props, lip-sync and other theatrical effects. The number always has to have a guideline, story or visible concept to entertain the audience.
B. One can use electrical devices, such as personal light effects or others which the dancer plugs into an electric socket – props or using the energy from battery. Light on the costumes powered only by battery wearing under the clothes of the dancer.
2. Lighting in the hall during the performance: the organizer is obliged to provide a complete shutdown of the general light in the hall to create the necessary blackout on the stage, allowing the dancers to demonstrate the full scope of the show with light and other instruments.
3. Scene equipment and additional instruments: The cloth of the scene should be black. Each light performance has its own nuances. The organizer must offer participants an accredited company at the event to install additional devices used in the show: ultraviolet lamps, screen min 6x8 meters, laser guns, smoke machines, projectors. Participants pay an extra fee for these services in accordance with the proposed rates and according to their applications no later than 3 weeks before the competition. The scene must be equipped with the necessary number of sockets.
4. To control the light, all instruments and equipment, the official representative of the participants must be next to the master of the light or stage administrator before, during and after the performance. The organizer and all the services involved should have a detailed script of the dancers' performance.
5. Acrobatic Movements: Permitted as outlined in General Provisions of Performing Arts. Acrobatic movements will be evaluated under show criteria and must never dominate and must be in harmony with the idea or theme. If modern gymnastic movements dominate a performance a significantly reduction of points in the technique dimension should be the consequence. (see in General Rules Performing Arts under Acrobatic Movements restriction for Children)
6. Lifts: Permitted as outlined in General Provisions of Performing Arts. NOT permitted in the Children’s age division.
7.Stage Props: Permitted as outlined under General Provisions of Performing Arts.
8. Musicality, variety of dance and patterns, originality, total performance, and individual choreography will be evaluated. It is important to present harmony of idea, music, dance, choreography, light, costume and props in the presentation, as the entire image will be used in evaluating the performance.
9. Groups/formations is evaluated as a whole. Solo, duo, or ensemble parts may be performed, but must not dominate.
10. All Light Dance Show presentations shall be based on a concept, story, theme, or idea. There must be a title of the Show. The concept, story, theme, or idea must be fully understandable and will be expressed by means of dance movements that adhere to the piece being presented, along with being creative, imaginative, and original. The piece must have “Show Value”, as explained in the Judging Procedures.
NOTE: In Light Dance Show the Show Dance scoring system is used. The only criteria which should be added – “The quality, variety, complexity and continuity of light show during the performance. Integrating the light show into the overall concept of the performance”.